lunar glow LED lantern

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Harness the moon, or feel like you did with this simple and elegant Lunar Glow LED Lantern. Perfect for your back yard, poolside, camping, and parties.


  • 16 colors: 16 bright LED colors to Choose from – LED bulbs create vibrant light that adds fun to any room or outdoor event
  • Hours of light: long Battery life = 8-10 hours of light. Lanterns are rechargeable with included adapter.
  • Remote control: includes Remote control for changing colors and modes. Pick 1 color or use one of the modes to rotate through multiple colors
  • Durable: designed to last for years with durable polyethylene construction and long life LED bulbs


Can my Lunar Glow LED lantern be used outdoors?

Yes, the lanterns are designed so that they can be used outdoors!

What about rain or moisture?

The lamps are IP 68 outdoor rated and can be used in wet or damp conditions (during charging lanterns should not be in wet conditions). Lanterns should not be placed directly in water or submerged.


lunar glow LED lantern
UPC: 035286323024
Width: 12.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 11.50