13 moons mini perfume rollers

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A pocket-sized perfume oil. Pic the fragrance that most resonates with you.

Wolf Moon: is the perfect cozy fragrance for the cold winter months. The mix of Amber and Vanilla oils has the unusual power to be both seductive and innocent all at the same time.   

Sugar Moon: It will draw you in with the sweet top note of Cassis. The almost narcotic presence of the Stargazer Lily is the middle note, with the smooth, crisp base notes of Sandalwood, White Amber, and Clean Musk. 

Hazel Moon: Vanilla brings youthful feminine sensuality, while the Musk delivers a soft but swift animalistic punch.

Mermaid Moon: blood orange + black coconut + vanilla

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Phthalate + Paraben Free. Gold cap with roller ball.

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